Madonie, per un progetto di sviluppo territoriale

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This text proposes a rereading of the research and field analysis that make up the Survey of the Concrete Traditional Patrimony of the Madonie Mountains, commissioned at the beginning of the nineteen-nineties by the Madonie Park Agency and carried out by a research team coordinated by Michele Argentino. The project produced over 200 descriptive profiles of the monumental complexes, rural houses, country estates and other elements spread throughout the Madonie landscape, outlining an extraordinary and multifaceted patrimony of “cultural heritage” in a region that is one of the most intense and emblematic in Sicily.Today, the Madonie survey still remains an document of analysis and -beneath the surface- of an elaboration of territorial qualities through meta-design. Through representational instruments that might seem old-fashioned, but perhaps exactly for this reason are more synthetic and evocative, the survey testifies to the beginning of a process of defining the cultural identity of the region, to propose new possibilities of sustainable development in the Madonie Mountains.The Madonie survey isn’t just a suggestive repertory of the typological and building elements of the region’s rural architecture. It is also a relevant cultural operation, foundational for a transformational program for a regional context including such extraordinary qualities and particularities; it is a work “open” to implementation in and confrontation with the present.
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