Madonie: i nuovi scenari del turismosostenibile

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Madonie: the new scenarios of sustainable tourismThe territory of the Madonie in the province of Palermo, while presenting problems common to those of other inland areas of Sicily such as the slow depopulation, is emerging as a particularly active area, characterized by a high level of local planning, and therefore may represent a case emblematic of study. The different experiences and initiatives of territorial planning conducted in the Madonie the second half of the 90s are articulated around a common idea that is the development and improvement of the sectors deemed to be at higher territorial vocation: theagro-industrial sector of quality and sustainable tourism. The interest for a new practice, such as ecotourism, alternative compared to traditional travel experiences, was certainly favored by the emergence of a more widespread environmental sensitivity, produced, in turn, horror shown by the numerous ecological disasters and the increased capacity for initiative of environmentalorganizations. This form of tourism escapes, by its nature, the mass character of modern tourism since it favors a place and a sustainable way of doing holiday, which falls off sharply from the traditional tourism, becoming instead element of harmonization of environmental policies and the conventional tourism industry: ecotourism can allow tourists a original, healthy physically andculturally rewarding, always with the utmost respect of the environment.
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