Madness (about) seeing: dalla costruzione sociale del visuale alla costruzione visuale del sociale

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The culture that we usually define as "Western" has one of its most distinctive features in oculocentrism, like others, more than others. Identified, among others, the sense of sight as a privileged channel for relating to the world, Western man has given rise to an operation of transfiguration of reality in visual terms which has led him, in recent times, to identify himself with objects that this process has brought into the world; in fact, we are told by many that we live in the (not better defined) “society of images”. Immediately after analyzing the place and time in which the preference for seeing has planted its very solid and rhizomatic roots, we will proceed to decline the concept of "society of images" recognizing in this not so much the result of a technical revolution that has the proliferation of iconic production was allowed, but rather the set of tools that intervene in the regulation of the world of intersubjectivity.
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