L'uso del trattato di Vignola come modello per l'architettura di età moderna in Sicilia.

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The Use of Vignola’s Treatise as a Model for the Architecture of Modern Age in Sicily.The paper aims to highlight the influence of the Regola Delli Cinque Ordini by Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola (1507-1573) on the architecture of modern age in Sicily. A proof of its actual im- pact on built items can be promptly observed analyzing the ar- chitecture of the time which clearly shows the treatise was used as a catalogue of models in the whole territory of the island, in civil as well as in religious buildings. Not always, however, the engravings are slavishly copied; sometimes the tables are subject to a revision on behalf of architects, craftsmen and clients. Among the engravings whose influence is ascertained through built items we can find both the ones drawn from the works by Vignola and those related to the Aggiunta containing the seven portals by Michelangelo. This paper particularly focuses on two key topics: on one hand, the success of the famous engraving representing the portal of Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola; on the other hand, the case, in some ways emblematic, of the large application of Vignola’s treatise in the reconstruction of the city of Noto after the disastrous earthquake of 1693.
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