L'uomo e il suo ambiente. Al di là dell'opposizione natura/cultura

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The essay represents the continuation of the latest research by Claude Calame, a world-famous Greek scholar: after the geneticist Prometheus (Sellerio, Palermo 2016, or. Paris 2011), now the Swiss scholar proposes a reflection on the relationship between human beings and its environment, matured on the basis of the close comparison between the original Greek idea of physis and the notion of 'nature' as it developed from Enlightenment and deterministic thought.Of the five chapters in which the essay is structured as a whole, the first (entitled En Grèce ancienne: l'homme et son milieu) reconstructs the Greek concept of physis with historical-philological accuracy and critical acumen, representing it as a dynamic, non-inscribable process within the limits of the modern idea of 'nature', seen on the contrary more and more as the place of objectification and exploitation by man of the environment that surrounds him.Chapter II (title: Des philosophes des Lumières aux anthropologues modernes) continues on the line of the first, as the author traces the history of birth in the modern age, from the Enlightenment to the contemporary anthropologists of the structuralist school, of the concept of ' culture 'as opposed to nature-object.Chapter III (entitled Au-delà des déterminismes anthropologiques: perméabilités) proposes a fundamental reflection of a new conception of the relationship between man and environment, and nature and culture, which is based on the idea of interrelation and permeability between those that have hitherto been were intended as two distinct areas.During chapter IV (title: L'homme et son environnement: relations interactives) the foundations are laid for rethinking the idea of nature in terms of the ancient concept of physis.As a result of the overall rethinking (both historical, philological and epistemological) of the entire environmental question, in the fifth and last chapter (Pour une construction écosocialiste de l'homme et de son milieu) the A. argues the need to 'reconstruct' the relationship between man and the environment in alternative terms to the traditional system, achieving the desired ecosocialist and ecopoietic transition on a cultural and political level.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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