Luminescence and absorption of Sn-related impurity centers in silica.

Maurizio Leone, Roberto Boscaino, Piercarlo Mustarelli, Alberto Paleari, Norberto Chiodini, Stefania Grandi

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ABSTRACTWe report an experimental study on the absorption and luninescence spectra of oxygen deficient point defects in Sn-doped silica. Theabsorption band at 4.9 eV (B2b band) and the two related photoluminescence bands at -4.2 eV (singlet-singlet emission, S1 -> So) and at3.2 eV (triplet-singlet emission, T1 -> So), linked by a thermally activated T1 -> S1 inter-system crossing process (ISC), are studied as afunction oftemperature from 300 to 20 K. This approach allows us to investigate the dynamics properties of the matrix in the surroundingsof the point defects and the efects of local disorder on the two relaxation processes from S1: the radiatiye channel to So and the ISCprocess to T1. We observe that the S1 -> So decay kinetics at higher temperatures do not follow a sirgle-exponential law and the ISC rateshows a temparature depndence that carnot be rationalized by a single activation process, suggesting the presence of a complex landscapeof configurational energies. The comparison with analogous data for Ge-doped silica reveals that the local dynamics of the matrix,the defect-matrix electron-phonon coupling, and the ISC rate dispersion are not substantially modified by the isoelectronic and isostructuralsubstitution Sn-Ge. On the contrary, the Sn-related ISC process is -5 times more eficient than the Ge-related one. Since weobserved that the coupling with local phonons increases the ISC eficiency by four order of magnitudes in the investigated temperaturerange, the reported data strongly suggest that, even if the presence of the spin--orbit coupling is needed for ISC processes, it has not play a primary role in the ISC processes in silica, where it acts as a homogenous and temperature-independent scale factor.
Lingua originaleEnglish
pagine (da-a)2082-2089
RivistaJournal of Non-Crystalline Solids
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2006

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