Luigi Farrauto, 旅行者设计师 / Luigi Farrauto, travelling designer

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Luigi Farrauto has been able to put together two aspects of his life, the professional and the passionate ones, merging them in a sole and unique specificity, which distinguishes him both as a graphic designer and as a young man.His passion for travel and study and for the design of systems of information and of signs, penetrate and feed each other, generating a continuous cross-reference which perpetuates itself without any apparent effort.The traveler’s gaze is sharp, sensitive, careful and able to catch the different elements, signs and characters in and of the territory, useful during the designing of the systems of signs necessary to allow the man to orientate himself through the space run.
Lingua originaleUndefined/Unknown
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteNEWGRAPHIC
Numero di pagine5
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010

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