Low cost survey techniques aimed to the Cultural Heritage conservation.

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Thanks to SfM (Image Based Modeling) survey techniques, is possible to realize 3D models of every object, in a very short time and with limited economical and training resources, today. These semi-automated SfM software allow users to simply upload photos and follow a mediated workflow, without any complex inner workings of SfM and this can be especially advantageous to users in non-technical fields or to those with limited resources. Every year there is an international Event, #digitalinvasion, that involves the Italian museums and that reckons on to allow to take pictures and video to the whole museum collections. This event is present in Palermo since 2014 and the Engineering first year classes were been twice involved in 2015 and 2016: it was possible to experiment the effect of a dissemination of these techniques in a sample of young and non-technical people. In these two occasions, the engineering alumni had carried out the 3D models of more than 120 pieces (with different dimensions and difficulties) of the Salinas Archeological Museum’s collection. The same experience was been conducted in Catania with the third year engineering classes under the supervision of the Professor Cettina Santagati. In this paper will be reported the very impressive results of twice experiences and will be designed the idea project for a different vision and “use” of the museum visitors. The goal is to demonstrate that the museum visitors can be transformed in a fundamental resource aimed at creation of the 3D archives and conservation of the heritage museum collection
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