Los nuevos escenarios del "cerebro competente"

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The model of skill-based teaching, in line with the contemporary research in the neuro-scientific and neuroeducational area, reverses the scenario of the educational curricula, both school and university, placing at the center of the teacher's action the "competent brain" of the student , whose neuronal development coincides with the challenges / conquests of its learning through the experimentation of new ways to acquire knowledge. Such a journey can not ignore a teaching that is, at the same time, individualized, in the sense of a specificity that can be shared with one's own learning and personalized community, in terms of a characterization of cognitive acquisitions in harmony with one's neural profile. psycho-emotional, as well as - today more than ever - respecting the many emerging special educational needs. Individualization and personalization of the teaching discourse imply, by necessity, a shift of focus on the competences of the learning brain and require a series of clarifications on the concept of 'competence'.
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