L'oralità dell'immagine. Etnografia visiva nelle comunità rurali siciliane

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The hypothetical opposition between oral and written traditions, which prevails in anthropology, is misleading: first of all because it tends to cancel the oral in the opposite of the written, and does not understand the specific way of functioning; secondly because it does not contemplate the possibility that, between the extremes of pure oral and pure writing, there are many intermediate situations. Paradoxically today, in our society so imbued with images, orality has returned to assume a central role precisely for the production and understanding of the visual code. This "orality of the image" is inherent in our daily behaviors and for this reason it is difficult to identify and analyze it. In this work proposes a profound renewal, both of the "object" photography and of the anthropological gaze on it. A book full of photographs taken between the end of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century depicting individuals, groups or ceremonial moments and reflecting the "conception of the world and life" of that peasant society. We approached the photographer to certify the fundamental moments of life, from birth to death, entrusting him with the task of sealing the joy of happy events or of bridging the agony of distance and separation. It is thanks to the narration of these memories, integrated with other documentary sources, that this body of images can be evaluated according to a modern historical-anthropological perspective. It is in their "life story", in passing from one generation to another, from a certain type of representation of relationships to another, that these photographs fully reveal their being a particular type of "biographical object" capable of soliciting narratives through the memory of its owners. Once the men portrayed have passed, the photographs continue to evoke the stories: the inevitable discoloration of the images is then dissolved in the vitality of the voices that retrace the events.
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