Living in Dignity in the XXIst Century: Poverty and Inequality, a paradox in Societies of Rights and Democracy?

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In 2010, The Council of Europe Social Cohesion, Research and Early Warning Division and the Directorate General of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of European Commission launched the project entitled "Human rights of people experiencing poverty". This Guide is therefore the outcome of the meetings, exchanges of experiencex and theoretical discussions between more than 50 experts from academic, associative and trade union circles, and from individuals who, for various reasons, can be regarded as direct witness of contemporary poverty. Part I of this guide begins with the analysis of the inequalities in wealth distribution and of their effects in terms of insecurity and rising poverty; it then looks at the negative consequences of all forms of categorization leading to exclusion, ghettoisation and social stratification; lastly, it lays the foundation for new anti-poverty strategies , exploring the issue of the various foms of social interdependence, offering a different interpretation of the concepts of development, efficiency and security.Part II takes a detailed look at current trends in Europe. It makes a critical analysis of the way in which poverty is generally defined and measured; it highlights the contradictions between the promotion of human rights and democracy and the reality of the contemporary situation in which raising inequalities put paid any prospects of genuine social cohesion; it explores the "irrationality" of the current management of material and non material ressources ; and lastly it shows the errorsof the taxation and reditribution policies pursued in most European countries in terms of thei lack of progressivity in order to ensure social justice.Part III begins with a new definition of poverty taking into account the social interdependence; the idea of equal access to resources; the objective of the well-being of all.Finally, the last section puts forwards a series of concrete proposals giving substance to a new strategy based on reference concepts of a new type - shared social responsibility and commons - wich the Guide explores in detail and which provide tha opportunity to take a fresh look at the role of public institutions.
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