Lithuanian wooden architecture : materials, ancient tools and constructive technologies for the safeguard of cultural heritage

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Traditional wooden buildings are a valuable part of European cultural and architectural heritage. The construction of wooden buildings presents a wide variety of technological,formal and typological types of buildings between various European countries as it is strongly influenced by the nature and availability of local materials and the culturalaspects of the various communities. For the construction of wooden buildings in Lithuania were used all local natural resources: various species of wood,used for building construction, a compact stone for groundworks, clay and bricks, lime mortar, the dried moss useful for building insulation, and also straw and wooden shinglesessential for roof cladding, etc. Also each region presents specific architectural features, which are oftenassociated with different choices relating to constructive materials and decorative elements.This study would analyze the wood species and other construction materials, traditionally used for cultural heritage in Lithuania (stone, brick, mortar, metal, ...) also study woodworkingprocess, carried out by specific tools of local tradition, which were found in various Lithuanian ethnographic museums. Most of these carpentry tools still could be applied for the safeguard interventions using a still actual and philological handicraft techniques, during the consolidations, or recoveries and partial reconstructions.
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