Lithium silicate admixture in mortars to be used as putty for limestone

Bartolomeo Megna, Giuseppe Di Ganci, Renato Giarrusso

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Marble is a very common material in artworks for its softness, relative isotropy and homogeneity andits characteristic waxy look that gives "life" to sculptures. Even if in geology the term "marble" refersto metamorphosed limestone, commonly the term ‘marble’ is used more broadly encompassing hardunmetamorphosed limestone that can be polished assuming a glossy aspect. In the restoration fieldwhen marble artworks have cracks that alter the smoothness of their surface, a putty is used to fillthem, for both aesthetic and conservative reasons. Putties usually consist of epoxy resin mixed withmarble powder. The use of a synthetic resin raises some doubts on compatibility and durability ofsuch putties, on the other side an inorganic binder, such as natural hydraulic or slaked lime, lead to amortar that can’t be polished and doesn’t fit the aesthetic purpose of the putty. In this work, it’sstudied the use of lithium silicate as admixture to improve the characteristic of inorganic mortars,particularly mechanical resistance and surface hardness in order achieve a good workability of themortar surface.The mortars underwent compression and three-point bending tests to measure the influence oflithium silicate on mechanical properties, capillarity test and equilibrium water content to verifymodification on the interaction with environment, abrasion resistance tests to study surface hardnessmodification.The results clearly indicate that lithium silicate in low percentage allowed to obtain a more resistantmortar, characterized by a harder and more compact surface that can be polished in order toresemble marble smoothness. Moreover capillarity rate decreases while equilibrium water contentincreases slightly, indicating that the treatment affect only a little the interaction with environment.Finally the mortars can be painted using lithium silicate as binder for watercolour so that thesemortars can be used not only on white marble but also on coloured limestones.
Lingua originaleEnglish
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018


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