Literatura, autoritarismos y prensa. Los artículos literarios en la revista bilingüe Legioni e Falangi/Legiones y Falanges (1940-1943)

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In recent years, and in different spheres, there has been a renewed interest in the symbolic universe of 'authoritarianism' or, in any case, in the construction of cultural spaces and covered linguistic-literary discourses, intentionally or not, by ideologies. This book is the first fruit of a project that is proposed to recover, in the bilingual magazine Legioni e Falangi. Rivista d'Italia e di Spagna / Legions and Phalanges. Monthly magazine of Italy and Spain (1940-1943), the memory of a literary production that has been dispersing. This book, at the same time, is the fruit of the research work of the International Research Network MEMITÀ - Memory, Identity, Integration to Identify Analysis Models in Media Communication, which intends to reflect on the role of the press as a heterogeneous macrotext and that represents a useful instrument to recover cultural paradigms and promote a process of awareness of the past essential for the full understanding of the present.
Lingua originaleSpanish
EditorePalermo University Press
Numero di pagine390
ISBN (stampa)9788899934842
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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