L'involucro come strumento di ricostruzione della storia di un edificio. Casi di studio nel palermitano

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A building tell its history throught century by the sequence of works submited, which were due to trasformation of planimetry to carry out a new function, structural reasons, catastrophic events (such as earthquake).Masonry in particular underline with their sequence of layers full pages to discover and analyse during the rehabilitation and restoration works, both in plannig phase and in worksite phase.The proposed paper will expose two studied cases about building works in the historical centre of Palermo: the first one in the medieval Piazza S. Francesco, close to palazzo Cattolica and the other close to Piazza Marina, in via Lungarini.Both looked like twentieth – century in a decent conservation, but after some essaies it was possible to see a diffuse blemish of the plaster which needed a removal of the same plaster. The finding which succedeed gave helpful informations about the history of the buildings, and sixteenth century architectural elements too.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2007

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