L'imprenditore estorto acquiescente tra coazione morale e libertà del volere

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The wide range of “behaviour models” that sociological studies identify as representative of the mafia conduct strongly characterises the types of crimes which are typical of mafia-type organizations, such as extortion. Indeed, in this field the conduct of authors and victims can assume so many aspects to make it difficult to provide a proper qualification within the traditional categories of criminal law.This paper, based on the findings of a study on the crime of extortion carried out by Mafia-type organisations in the South of Italy, is aimed at exploring the similarities and differences between a legal and a sociological approach on victims of extortion when the crime is perpetrated in a mafia context. In particular, moving from the position of “acquiescent entrepreneur”, the paper reconstructs the relationship between the so called “acquiescent” conducts of entrepreneurs on one hand and the method used by mafia organisations in the execution of the extortion on the other hand; it then evaluates the possible criminalisation of the “reasons” lying behind the behavior of the victims (or so considered); and finally, it explores the possibility to attribute, on the basis of those motives, a different qualification to the victim’s conduct so that she/he could become “passive subject” of the extortion and being eventually punished.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteDinamiche dell'estorsione e risposte di contrasto tra diritto e società
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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