Life cycle energy performances of a Net Zero Energy prefabricated building in Sicily

Mistretta, M; Aloisio, D; Antonucci, V

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The paper presents the energy performances in a life cycle perspective of a prefabricated housing module located in Messina (Italy). All the life cycle stages, from the materials production to the end-ofapproach. The use stage was simulated through a dynamic simulation model built in Energy Plus environment. Monitoring studies were performed during some weeks in spring; the building was simulated in energy plus environment and validated obtaining small and acceptable differences between monitored and simulated data. In order to avoid the shifting of energy burdens from one life cycle stage to others, a Life Cycle Energy Assessment approach was used to quantify energy use associated to the other life cycle stages. The paper demonstrates that a mere focus on the use stage performances cannot give the whole picture that is required in the context of a paradigm shift towards decarbonisation. Indeed, the results show that the total primary energy use throughout the building's life cycle is 1,242 GJ, of which approximately 80 % of non-renewable energy. The materials production stage consumes the highest amount of primary energy (680 GJ) followed by the use stage (484 GJ), while the construction and end-of-life require respectively 1.7 % and the 4.6 % of total primary energy.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017


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