Let me in. Visioni architettoniche per habitat multispecie

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Alessandro Melis' drawings are the starting point for an interpretative description, aimed at highlighting the expression of a new relationship between man and non-human as a theme of contemporary architecture. The imaginary that acts in the drawings taken into account prepares, as always in architecture, the background scenario to reckoning with real disciplinary transformations.The evocation of the zoomorphic organs or the techno-sensorial machines of Coop Himmel (b) lau, that refers in turn to the first introductions of Archigram, of the bowellism of Frederick Kiesler, of the living systems of Hans Hollein, prolongs in our times the echo of a search for expanding the architectural field. The novelty concerning the frontier towards which these designs move, is certainly not that of bio-technological poetics, or the realization of deconstructivist hypotheses, but the realistic, composed and balanced mode with which these new bodies and the imagined architectures cohabit with spaces and historical buildings. These living machines of transformation knock on our door to ask architecture to really build coexistence. Designing the shapes and languages to do it is one of its main challenges.
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