Les tours dits de la chair dans les autofictions de Philippe Vilain

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Philippe Vilain's autofictions are distinguished by a meticulous stylistic research and a rewriting practice supposed to strip the writer's skin. The writing of the flesh is particularly influenced by this research: it is sustained not only by what the scriptural mirror reminds us of, but also by what is hidden in the implicit of memories in which the pieces of “jouissance” are embedded in pieces of language. This article aims to analyze the stake of Philippe Vilain's autofictional writing in his main novels through Lacan's psychoanalytic topology.
Lingua originaleFrench
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLes Enjeux (en-je) de la chair dans l’écriture autofictionnelle
Numero di pagine13
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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