L'encomio, la guerra, la catastrofe. L'Orlando furioso poema della crisi del potere

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Orlando furioso, especially in its definitive edition, is the poem of the crisis of the Renaissance: it reflects and interprets the dramatic political situation in which the Italian states found themselves, yet without ever completely deviating from the rules of the literary genre to which it belongs. Many recent studies have investigated precisely these aspects of the poem, generally neglected by the previous critical tradition, disproving those interpretations of the Orlando furioso as a great poem of lightness, an archetypal work of the fantastic genre that would avoid any deep implication with history, with his own time and with the society to which the author belonged, as well as with the conflicts that shook and tore that time and that societyTherefore it is possible to read Ariosto also as a "political" author; in order to find in a poem conceived, created, integrated and corrected in the terrible years of the "wars of Italy" - which was the most violent upheaval of the power system of the states of the Peninsula up to the Risorgimento - traces, testimonies, interpretations of "Great Italian catastrophe".
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