Leisure, Social Capital and Life Turns in Deviant Youth

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Brief review of the literature on the creation of social capital within leisure time contexts to a notion of social capital in terms of “relational goods” (Arai, Pedlar, 1997; Blackshaw, Long, 2005; Hemingway, 1999) It. Claims that such studies focus both on the availability of leisure time among people belonging to different social groups and on the relation between the amount of leisure time, its allocation and the construction of social capital in the community by means of the activities people do during such time (Rohe, 2004). I discuss some studies regarding the ways in which a particular age range - youth - produces social capital in leisure time contexts and I focus on some studies regarding the issue of youth's leisure time as a potential "antisocial" time. In conclusione I introduce the discussion about the little importance given to public leisure in the service provision for youth's leisure time and the consequences determined by that in terms of social capital "erosion"
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteGlobalisation, Leisure and Social Change. Essays in Honour of Professor Ishwar P. Modi
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017


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