Leisure, Social Capital and Life Turns in Deviant Youth,

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The production of social capital in a specific area of everyday life suchas leisure & the different socio-cultural contexts it is experienced in, is avery interesting research issue, especially in the light of certain specificmeanings of the notion of social capital, like Bourdieu’s or, more recently,Putnam’s. Nonetheless, this research issue is scarcely taken into considerationin Italy. Building briefly on the literature about the production ofsocial capital in youth’s leisure contexts, this paper is going to present aresearch on the biographies of young people living in deviant contexts whodecide to take a “turn” in their daily lives. In order to observe how thesocial capital produced during their leisure practices is related to the waysin which leisure creates coping resources in the decision to either beginor interrupt a deviant career, the study focuses on a group of young adultsaged from 18 to 29 living in two neighborhoods of Palermo (Italy) whohave decided to take a life career different from the expectations of thesocial context they live in.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010


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