Le tre vite di un’effigie onoraria: usi e abusi di un ritratto virile dall’agorà/foro di Alesa (Sicilia)

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The paper analyzes a male portrait head that was discovered in theagora/forum of Halaesa. Several traces are examined, that attestthe lives of the portrait-statue to which the head belonged, andallow to show dynamics and mechanisms of both the honorarypractice and the opposite, oblivion and memory-sanctions. Atfirst, the head most probably belonged to an Augustan effigies togatavelato capite. In a second phase, it was transformed into anofficial early Constantinian portrait, portraying a young prince,probably Licinius II (to whom also a honorary inscription fromHalaesa refers). Finally, it was defaced by having its surface andsensory organs injured. Even after having been pulled down andvandalized, the portrait maintained an active presence in theforum/agora of Halaesa, functioning as a monument of shame intendedto sanction, and to suppress, the memory of the portrayedpersona, who had falled into disgrace during the troublesaccompanying the affirmation of Constantine as sole emperor.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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