Le politiche pubbliche e la violenza come “rischio” nella Sicilia occidentale

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1.The paper tells the refusal by Franca Viola to undergo marriage as an act of “reparation” for the rape to which she had been subjected; it would have had the power to juridically reduce the charge of rape perpetrated by the brute, but, above all, to readmit the victim into a social context, which had otherwise been eager to exclude and stigmatize her. The paper describes the stages by which the Regione Sicilia, almost forty years later, finally came to approve Law no.3 regarding this type of violence. It takes stock of the voluntary associations committed to combatting the phenomenon in western Sicily, the anti-violence offices and services that are provided for women as victims of sexual abuse. Lastly, it mentions two examples of “best practices” applied in the province of Trapani in the last few years and analyses the strategies implemented. Against a background of a southern Italian cross-section in which contradictions and forces opposed between “shame and honour” and the culture of emancipation still remain, the author highlights the role carried out by voluntary organizations not only in the legal support of victims, but also in the help provided in re-building a victim’s identity, and, above all, in combatting and preventing all those synthetic or culturally “regularized” forms of patriarchalism and sexism, a legacy of male domination that still needs to be confronted.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLe politiche contro la violenza di genere nel welfare che cambia. Concetti, modelli e servizi
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