Le "point de départ". Vittorio Ugo, architecte à Palerme dans les années soixante

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Vittorio Ugo (Palermo, 1938-2005) is an Italian architect, known mostly in Italy and France as theorist and critic. Whereas, much less known is his architectural work as author of projects on different scales: architecture, urban-planning, design, which Ugo himself, later on, would have considered as a pastime of his young age. In his practice of architecture, the author of the article see, on the contrary, the roots of his theoretical thought. Born from a family of artists - his grandfather was a sculptor, his father an architect - he was looking for an original way to be architect, feeling an ethical need to see architecture from a scientific point of view. Getting back to the work of Vittorio Ugo means to take the distances from the glamour, the show-business that involves, in our time, architects and architecture and it permits us to return to the essential aims of a discipline which exists to create - and to improve - the human habitat.
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