Le peculiarità dell'ordinamento sportivo

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The thesis aims to check whether the construction of the sporting law, identified by the majority of experts as an original system, with its own autonomy, is still relevant or should be considered outdated. After the analysis of the construction of the sporting law, gradually specified at national and supranational levels, the project deals with the principles established by the European and international law, in order to identify, in consideration of the interventions of the European institutions and the Lisbon Treaty (TFEU art.165). Both nationally and at the European level the sports law is strongly integrated in general law and, so, subjected to the relevant regulations. With the limit, however, of the social function of sport, which, together with the technical regulations, provide an important area of legislative autonomy, organizational and giustiziale to the sports world. The ordering principle of the dynamics between sports and general legal system was thus identified in the principle of proportionality. This principle is suitable on the one hand to identify the limits of the interference of the general order and, on the other, to "measure" and to justify the extent of the exceptions granted to sports law.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospitePercorsi giuridici della postmodernità
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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