Le glosse testuali nell’insegnamento della L2: una prospettiva pedagogica moderna

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The promotion of the teaching / learning of the second / foreign language, starting from the use that is made of them in situational contexts of communication, has directed the course of language teaching research towards an approach to texts intended as spaces of not only linguistic knowledge, but communicative, as well as motivational springs capable of triggering the deepening of the language itself. From this point of view, the language class becomes the environment in which the teacher is a facilitator and an expert builder of learning texts. Hence the idea of reconsidering and enhancing the use of textual glosses, according to the learner-centred model, proposed in the 1980s by Wayne Otto, as a tool for understanding the text, lexical expansion, motivational activation and implementation of mnemonic processes in the processing of linguistic input. The gloss-based model by Otto, inspired by the medieval glossatory technique, offers the advantage of accompanying the L2 student in the discovery of the target language, of which he learns to grasp recursion and underlying patterns. Otto is credited with having decisively shifted the educational visual angle from the teacher's perspective to that of the learner, putting the question of glosses (type, function, compilation) not based on the text, but on the basis of the recipient's cognitive profile. The present study moves from the reflection on the possible use of glosses in the context of contemporary language teaching and is inserted in the context of a miscellany on the activity of medieval glossing with the idea of delineating an ideal methodological continuation inserted in current times, but also as a small tribute to Patrizia Lendinara who, over the years, has dedicated a large part of her philological research to the study of glosses, with that fine pedagogical and didactic sensitivity that has always animated her work.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteStudies on Late Antique and Medieval Germanic Glossography and Lexicography in Honour to Patrizia Lendinara
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018

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