Le due crisi: crisi del capitalismo e crisi ambientale. Una soluzione sostenibile? (parte II)

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In Part I the ecological crisis has been highlighted, mainly the climateinstability that will last for next decades; in Part II are given the reasonswhy to modify, and in which manner, the current development model. In thelast forty years the crisis of environment has never become a variable to beconsidered in programming economic policies. Sin of the dominant neo-liberalism,from the “unilateralism” of the US administration up to the “fiscalcompact” by EU? Sure, but also the other economic schools meet the sameerror. The present crisis of capitalism is an overproduction crisis, whosepeculiar quantitative character, due to the technological innovation in theglobalized market, makes insuperable the contradiction between the incrementof the offer and the capability of the market of absorbing the demand:which gigantic redistribution of income should be done in order that the“spendability” can match the offer? Neither is possible, like in the two previousgreat crises, the “recourse” to a world war as a solution of the problem;the nuclear deterrence denies it. What to do? The essential deafnessof Economy to the environmental issue pushes the authors, on one hand,to propose some theoretical elements for an economic cycle that conjugateecological variables to economic ones in a “stationary state” model; onthe other hand, to look at the ecological crisis as an extraordinary chancefor changing, from now, the model of development towards a sustainableeconomy, by means of the “energy revolution”, the green economy and the“third market”.
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