Le Curve di Apollonio.Innovazione nei processi risolutivi, il caso della parabola.

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This study is connected with the research directed on the solving problem of a graphic representationof geometric objects using the informatics language, particularly the graphic software CAD. Thesolution of these problems requires a reliable command of stereometry and descriptive geometry andit can extend remarkably the level of external geometric competences. The implementation of themeans of ICT has brought a higher effectiveness of graphing mapping processes. The modification ofinformatics means with the goal to simplify applications of descriptive and projective geometry is alsoof a great didactical importance.In particular, we focus attention on the treatment of the locus "cone", which assumes the character ofgreat generality in the application of the Representation Science. The theoretical and practical studyof this curve’s properties could be found since ancient times, outlining, over the centuries, differentcultural approaches that trace important aspect of the geometrical/mathematical thought’s evolution.The paper focuses on operational limitations that arise in mathematical modelling software solution tographics problems of plane geometry and space. In particular, we pay attention on the current digitaltools capable of tracing the curves of a second degree in the subject. We present some results of ourresearch aimed to structure new generative algorithms of geometric constructions allowed torepresent, in general terms, the famous curves of Apollonius.
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