Le consulte collettive nell'architettura siciliana tra tra XVI e XVII secolo

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This paper examines the case of “consultations” on matters of constructive nature in Sicilianarchitecture between the 16th and 17th century, drawing on the documentation till now known.What emerges from the comparison of a number of documents is the continuity of certainformulas, as in the estimation of construction costs, while differences are evident in consulting.There are therefore construction sites (e.g., that of the Mother church of Piazza) where theprocess is the usual while there are others where it either appears more discontinuous or it establishes itself with the passage of time (for example, the Cathedral of Agrigento). During the17th century, they also felt a gap between expert reports entrusted to architects and thosecompiled by master builders with a more careful attention to static and constructive topics.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteSaperi a confronto: consulte e perizie sulle criticità strutturali nell'architettura in Sicilia e nel Mediterraneo (XV-XVIII secolo)
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