Le cappelle della Madonna e dei Marinai nella chiesa dell’Annunziata a Trapani. Costruzione e architettura nel primo Cinquecento in Sicilia

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The chapel of the Madonna and the chapel of Sailors in the church of the Annunziata in Trapani: Construction and Architecturein the First Half of the Sixteenth Century in Sicily-The essay addresses issues related to the genesis and the construction of two chapels during the first half of the sixteenth century in the church of the Annunziata in Trapani. Through the re–examination of extant documentation and the observation of incongruities present in these chapels, new hypotheses emerge about the role of the patrons, the original projects and the workforce involved. Both chapels show a unique mix of idioms, and their study may enable an understanding of the mechanisms and procedures then being utilized in Sicily, as the heterogeneity of expertise present at the worksite and the manifestation of different styles, from the local Romanesque revival, to the International Gothic and classicism, testify. In one case this leads to an unconcerned display of mixed forms and styles of the period, and in the other, to a dominance of the local tradition of open stonework construction.
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