Latin Object and Subject Infinitive Clauses

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The paper is devoted to the theoretical and descriptive problems caused by Latin accusative with infinitive constructions. Latin infinitives can have an accusative subject also in constructions in which neither of the two conditions of accusative licensing by the matrix verb is satisfied: the matrix verb is intransitive, or the infinitive phrase is in subject or adjunct position, and furthermore, there is evidence of the infinitival clause also projhecting a CP - even if no visible complementizer is present. In Latin, the infinitive phrase is often coindexed with a third demonstrative pronoun, which allows the hypothesis that the infinitival CP (similar to an object that-clause) is base-generated in the complement position of a DP, with the pronoun (or an empty pro)occupying the specifier of DP. The case assigner of the infinitival subject is the FIN-head of the CP-domain. The bundle of features substantiating FIN includes a specification for case, which is activated when the case of the subject cannot be licensed in the IP-layer.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteUniversal Grammar in the Reconstruction of Ancient Languages
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2005


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