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In the last 30 years Southern Italy has changed from being a region of emigration to one ofimmigration, in main cities as well as in rural areas. Accordingly, South-Eastern Sicily is recentlyexperiencing remarkable physical, social and economic changes, with significant transformation of its agricultural landscape.Statistics of the last 20 years show high levels of development of the agricultural sector, with remarkable innovation and internationalization of production. At the same time non-official statistics show a higher concentration of - often illegal - immigrants in rural areas. On the other hand, landscape planning and management ensure more “sustainable” local development.The difficult immigrants’ conditions of life and their work in the agricultural sector of the greenhouses produce: (I) new and differentiated rural lifestyles, as social result of the socio-economic relations between different ethnic groups (“globalization” of the countryside); (II) a "landscape of exception", as spatial result of the power relations between the “space of the powerful” and the “space of the powerless”, produced by a suspension of the rights/norms that is paradoxically legalized (Agamben,2005).The paper focuses on the cause-effect relationship between landscape planning, agricultural economic development and exploitation of immigrants’ labour, highlighting that landscape configuration/regulation produces forms of surveillance, subjugation, exploitation and exclusion (Mitchell, 2002). The paper describes (latent) conflicts and power inequalities in agricultural landscape, highlighting the ethical challenges and dilemma of landscape planning in rural areas, where issues of social justice, sustainable development and suspension of norms are strictly intertwined.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteBOOK OF PROCEEDINGS 29th Annual AESOP 2015 Congress Definite Space – Fuzzy Responsibility
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2015

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