L'archivio del cantiere navale di Palermo

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The Palermo shipyard was conceived into an organic plan that featured the industrial empire of the most important business family of nineteenth century in Sicily, the Florio’s family. The company was founded with the aim of making space for the Sicilian production activities within the political and economic plans of the new Kingdom of Italy.In its early phase, the shipyard was characterized by greatly identity values linked to the urban context and the cultural expressions of the late XIX 19th Palermo’s bourgeoisie. However, after 1907 when the ownership shiftedto northern Italian industrial groups, the management and strategic vision changed leaving out both local and social issues.The reasons, and dynamics of the site transformation are intertwined with those of its representation inside the city’s district which it belongs to. Indeed, the district is defined by the same architectures that the yard’s management commissioned. The study of the architectural languages defining the image of the naval construction site over more than half a century, it is the subject of a PhD research in architectural history. The research structure is based mostly on the documentary collection kept inside the shipyard archive.Although since 1907, the general direction company moved in Genoa, the permanence of a local administration has led to the creation of an in situ archive. However, the following changes occurred in ownership, dismantled the historical documentary collection.Nowadays the surviving drawings included in the archive dates from 1930. Thanks to the collaboration of the Fincantieri Foundation, the research carried out a recording work of the site plans, buildings and furniture drawings.Together with public archive collections and historiography material research based, the Fincantieri archive of Palermo can mediate and support the reconstruction of boundaries changes and, beside, both the relationship between the shipyard and the city and the relationship between the city and its maritime-productive vocation.The history of Palermo shipyard tells of periodical crisis that strike the shipbuilding sector. The social cohesion garrisoned the shipbuilding’s identity overcoming the periods of crisis. The job issue, especially important in a weak land like historically is Sicily, represents the bearing element of social issue.Today, the systematization of this historical archive and the grant to resources’ access, stand as necessary strategy to mend, in a historical perspective and through the memory’s tool, the cohesion between the city of Palermo and its last historical industrial site.
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