L'Alta Velocità in Cina. Politiche, strategie, territori

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High Speed railways inChina. Policies, strategiesand territories.by Marc GuigonThe history of High-Speed railways inChina is not a linear one, traced in thecourse of a rigorous planning process. Ithas on the contrary experienced momentsof rapid surge, only to be followed byperiods of slower growth. Fervid action,decision-making and euphoria have beenaccompanied by scathing failures, againsta background of corruption and complexrelations with the foreign providers offundamental technology.The ! nal result is noteworthy however,because China currently has the largestHigh-Speed railroad network in theworld, with a very high level of customersatisfaction, though the cost has beenthe exorbitant sum of many hundreds ofbillion euros, which no other country onthe planet could a# ord.The lightning-fast construction of theChinese High-Speed Railway network,directed single-handedly by the Ministryof the Railways, is associated however witha lack of parallel urban strategies.
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