Laboratory formation of a scaled protostellar jet by coaligned poloidal magnetic field

Rosaria Bonito, Schlenvoigt, Billette, Béard, Chen, Higginson, Kroll, Albertazzi, Huarte-Espinosa, Revet, Riquier, Herrmannsdörfer, Naughton, Burkley, Soloviev, Pikuz, Borghesi, Alexander Soloviev, Romagnani, PortugallCiardi, Cowan, Skobelev, Pépin, Faenov, Fuchs, Frank, Vinci, Bonito, Borghesi, Nakatsutsumi, Riconda

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Although bipolar jets are seen emerging from a wide variety of astrophysical systems, the issueof their formation and morphology beyond their launching is still under study. Our scaledlaboratory experiments, representative of young stellar object outflows, reveal that stable andnarrow collimation of the entire flow can result from the presence of a poloidal magnetic fieldwhose strength is consistent with observations.The laboratory plasma becomes focused withan interior cavity.This gives rise to a standing conical shock from which the jet emerges.Following simulations of the process at the full astrophysical scale,we conclude that it can alsoexplain recently discovered x-ray emission features observed in low-density regions at the baseof protostellar jets, such as the well-studied jet HH 154.
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pagine (da-a)325-328
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014

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