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Over the past decades Italians - as well as others European inhabitants - have loaded their soilscapes more intensely and quicker than ever before. This anthropic pressure has such a strong impact on the environment that it sets off degradation processes in soils endangering them in various ways. In particular: i) huge areas of the Italian landscape are exposed to soil erosion that still remain a concern because of the scarce adoption of soil conservation practices; ii) soil consumption is much more evident in the main metropolitan areas and in the coastal areas and recently boosted also by the spread of photovoltaic ground-mounted installations that are preferentially established in flat areas, regardless to any aspect of soil quality; iii) soil pollution/contamination is mainly due to industrial and urban settlements and concern almost the 1% of the national area; iv) soil salinization/alkalization is mainly due to irrigation with saline waters and is particularly diffused in the plains and along the coastal areas; v) Italian soils are generally poor in organic matter and its decline is mainly due to changes in land use and in soil managements; vi) finally it is to mention the soil diversity loss, a new soils threat that is mainly linked to large scale farming in growing high remunerative crops.
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