La vasectomia a sostegno del piacere: analisi casistica e considerazioni medico legali

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In Italy, the resort to vasectomy, surgery adapted to determine an irreversible alteration of the physical state of an individual, resulting in the loss of the ability to procreate, is somewhat reduced compared to the others European countries, even though legitimate, it carries the disadvantage of the absence of a clear and univocal legislation concerning surgical sterilization. Despite, in recent years there has been a change in the assessment of such surgery. Nevertheless, is relevant that in the Italian legal system still lacks a regulatory of such medical-surgery activities, although several bills have been submitted to the competent parliamentary bodies. The attitude of indifference to the problem is also evident from the analysis of the provisions relating to assistance by the SSN, even if the vasectomy and the voluntary sterilization have been included in the reimbursable procedure’s list. On the basis of these assumptions the authors report - for the peculiarity of the case and that the issue is of interest in forensic discipline - a case came to their attention, and the data from medical records relating to the 64 requests of vasectomy received during the period of between January 2000 and October 2011 in a hospital in Lombardy, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the existing protocol in use at that hospital: in addition, there are deficiencies in the informed consent forms
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