La tavola pitagorica. Il quartiere ZEN 2 di Palermo tra futuro e destino_The multiplication table. The future and fate of the ZEN 2 district in Palermo_

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Since its appearance as a project, the public housing district ZEN 2 in Palermo focuses on what a city should be: what elements it is composed of, how to manage and define its dimension, borders, position.More than forty years later, with construction still incomplete, this article questions the suspended dimension between ideology and reality in which the district is mired. Despite the relevant role that the project gained in history of architecture, the concrete conditions of its transcription are highly marked by urban decay and social marginality. The unresolved body of the district is accentuated not so much by the lack of unfinished parts, but by the project’s continuous need to demonstrate the intelligence of its spatial structure and to convey its long chain of references. The gap between the design and the state of the neighbourhood was heightened by a number of changes that strained the geometrical dimension of the concept for an extremely compact housing project.Thus, the ZEN 2 district has become a map of the architectural perspectives for its further transformation. The long-awaited completion of the project, that the entire city of Palermo awaits, must be reconsidered rejecting the gap between the intelligible- the higher cultural dimension of the project, and the sensorial - what is seen, felt, touched. Despite the current conditions of the district, the competition project makes it possible to abandon the eternal ideology of a future to come, for the construction of a reality that will allow the district to determine its own destiny.
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