La strada come collettore percettivo: i casi di Aprilia e Conquista del Guadiana

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The study of rural burgs founded during the totalitarian regimes in Spain and Italy, proposes a comparativestudy of urban realities characterised by peculiar elements, which show a design volition to decline theproject on the territory on which it was intended to be realised, starting from an abstraction of the projectup to the modifications dictated by social and logistical needs. In this paper, the case of the Spanish cityConquista del Guadiana from 1964, and the Italian Aprilia from 1936, will be deepened. Both of them arecharacterised by the tangential relationship with the main road axis of reference and connection with theneighbouring cities.This study aims to show that beyond the apparent divergences between the cities, there exists a commonbasis represented by the designer’s intention of developing a language capable of stylistic representation ofthe ideology and providing physical proof of the regime’s efficiency.However, this shouldn’t be limited to simple analysis and crystallisation of the city at its foundation, butshould try to go further. Seeking to identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of its development in space andtime, it comes with one suitable intervention as a solution for future development.It starts from the analysis by phases organised during the workshop, in which there are identified limits,spaces and buildings that have most characterised the villages, and then it continues with a comparisonbetween the burg in time of its foundation and the city/village presented in its actual state. Finally, fromthe deductions developed during the first part, and from the comparison between two cities, Aprilia andConquista del Guadiana, we finally elaborate diversified project proposals, uniform in intent, at the sametime. Even if proposed solutions are based on non-invasive interventions, the aim is to reflect future urbandevelopment. Regarding the city of “Conquista del Guadiana” the proposed intervention concentrates onpossible strategies to undertake for the future development of the village. Instead, regarding the city of“Aprilia”, the project focuses on the strategies which enhance those aspects that defined the features of thevillage, today incorporated in uncontrolled urban development.
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