La stazione ferroviaria e marittimadi Angiolo Mazzoni a Messina

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Since the late 1800s, the introduction ofrailway stations into Italian cities gave riseto powerful transformations. The organismof the station maintained a decisive rolethroughout the twentieth century and upto the present day, because it is requiredto evolve continuously on the basis ofnew technological breakthroughs andthe changing needs of society. Today’sattention to the legacy of existing railroadstructures is re& ected in the study of thedesign principles underlying the complexof the Stazione Marittima e Centrale inMessina, by Angiolo Mazzoni. The studyhighlights the design themes that focuson the relationship with the city and itsplanning rules. These design approachesalso sought to address the landscape ofthe Strait, thereby structuring the bodyof the station not as a discontinuity or abarrier within the city but as a strategicurban node, which can regulate, order andsuggest connections and relationshipsbetween the public spaces and the spacesof the infrastructure itself.
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