La sostenibilità delle destinazioni turistiche: la misurazione per indicatori

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Tourism often has had (and has) detrimental outcomes on destinations but the need and the rele-vance of a sustainable development of tourism was only recently recognised. Sustainable tour-ism is a quite recent concept, derived by the notion of sustainable development; it is usually re-lated to environmental issues and particularly to natural resources waste. Wider definitions are now emerging in the scientific community including, usually, social and economic dimensions together with the environmental one. Although, the intrinsic multidimensional nature of sustain-ability and the high number of stakeholders to be involved in its evaluation (e.g. policy makers, administrators, local residents, tourists, etc.) make quite difficult the definition and the meas-urement of this trait.This paper aims at a) analysing the complex relationship between tourism and environment (this last intended in its wider meaning); b) accounting for literature on the measurement of tourism sustainability of destinations through indicators; c) verifying the compliance of the reviewed composite indicators with the ‘European protocol’ for building of composite indicators.
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