LA SENTINELLA GLOBALE. I campi elettromagnetici del MUOS di Niscemi e i loro effetti.

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The Sentinel. The MUOS at Niscemi: Environment, Society and High Frequency Electromagnetic FieldsThe MUOS (Mobile User Objective System), a radar installed in Sicily just inside the reserve "cork-forest of Niscemi", is one of four watchmen of the global system that the US Navy has designed in the various corners of the world to keep an eye on all over the planet. The history of this installation is made of broken promises, political interventions pro Muos then disavowed by the judiciary, protests organized in an effort to speak with those powers, who also had seemed willing. At the basis of the "NO Muos" movement's actions, here you are remembered with a similar case, Vatican Radio, which at the beginning of this century shook the Italian political world, and behind the request to apply the "precautionary principle" there is a clear concern: "Do the high-frequency electromagnetic waves hurt"? To provide a scientifically based answer to this question, after a quick recap of the physical principles, it is made clear why it is legitimate to speak of “electrosmog” and how misleading have been, and are up to now, some statements “reassuring” about the evolutionary equilibrium with the non ionizing radiation. The advancing into the complex issues of the interaction between electromagnetic fields and biological systems allows then a deep and sharp criticism to current models and exposure limits, which have to be substituted with more recent and proper ones showing, for example, that the “level of attention” required by Italian law to the external environment is instead an actual electric field value yet five centimeters inside our head. But the scientific doxa still does not accept, in the West, the existence of the specific effects of the radiation, i.e., long term effects that are correlated, among other things, to many nerve diseases, cancers such as acoustic neuromas, glioblastomas and leukemia, the latter mainly for childhood.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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