La seconda natura e lo sforzo sapiente

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In the lecture “The town in extension”, Samonà asserts thatthe second nature (Cicerone, De natura deorum),characterized by anthropical but not urbanized open spaces,will not be wilderness again. On the contrary the artificial,whose it is characterized, strengthened through anarchitecture project, can prevent the dissolution of thecountryside into the scattered town. According to this pointof view, in the research Prin 2009, we studied the part of theSicilian territory, between Isola delle Femmine and Partinico,where the airport and Palermo have a centripetal force onthe agricultural areas. We observed that the small centreshave lost their attraction, the agricultural cultivations are nomore profitable and the road infrastructures are prevalent inthe project of the urban expansions. Some inspections andthe overlapping of the selected cartographies, in theresearch of archives, allowed to elaborate a planimetricalproject including the open spaces. Inside this last one, wespotted five scopes of project intervention where the facedquestions concerne the relationship between open spaces,inhabited centres, settlement dispersion and infrastructures.The outward contrast between the architecture project andthe protection of the countryside is cancelled through themetaphor of the counter fire, a technique which requires a“wise effort”. The architecture, as the fire, can give shape andmake the countryside recognizable, redefining the sides of theopen spaces. This is the objective of the research, throughsome project hypothesis, it designs a new wide town wherebuilt and cultivated lands search for a possible balance.
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