La riqualificazione della viabilità costiera per la mobilità dolce: il caso di Palermo

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    The attractiveness and the availability of services offered in urban areas nearby the port terminals are conditioned by the improvement of the connection of different urban transport systems and by the enhancement of the accessibility. But they should be based on the overall improvement of urban mobility. The structural organization of the territory is favored by the presence of links, which realize an infrastructure system to the different levels of connection and accessibility. The interventions could include the requalification of the coastal strip, including the road network component. Attention should be given to the supply quality, the rationalization of a linear model based on the coastal viability and on the access to the poles of the city and its hinterland. It should be also took in to account a rationalization of urban traffic, using exchange parking areas with enhanced public transport systems, and of the creation of pedestrian and bicycle paths for soft mobility on the short and medium range distances.
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    RivistaPORTUS PLUS
    VolumePortus Plus 2 2011
    Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012


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