La ricerca del comfort nelle abitazioni della tradizione siciliana

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Traditional buildings give us many examples of sustainable interventions justified by the demand of comfort and inexpensiveness in the choice of materials and constructive techniques.It was always searched ideal solution to the problems bound at the territory such as, in Sicily, the high summer temperature or the capillary ascent due to the ground nature and often emphasized by the building stone nature.The search for the solutions to such problems has undergone a slow and constant evolution in the centuries, drawing starting points from the nature, from the other people, from the surrounding context. Solutions traditionally adopted can supply a useful example to be studied for a sustainable rehabilitation of the buildings and according to the structure and their typological and constructive features. The proposed paper intends to face a way through the solution adopted in the traditional buildings of Sicily to improve the internal accomodation comfort, through the illustration of examples and cases of study, both a territorial scale and building scale. It will deep the subject of functional distribution and the most widespread constructive elements used to improve the comfort, to drive out some line drivers for sustainable rehabilitation on the historical buildings.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014

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