La prova dell'interesse nella verificazione della scrittura privata

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The author examines art. 216, c. II, c.p.c. in the part where it allows the proposition of the request for verification of a private writing also "primarily with the subpoena when the part proves to have interest". The investigation, in particular, is aimed at ascertaining whether and to what extent this interest is recognizable only in the hypotheses of Articles 2657 and 2835 of the Italian Civil Code, where verification is necessary for a subsequent transcription of the writing (with all the consequent problems, in the event of nullity of the deed contained therein, or of the unsuitability of the writing itself to be transcribed), or even in different cases, not necessarily related to a negotial interest. Incidenter tantum he deals with the problem of the nature of the verification, in the balance between judicial verification and purely instrument of proof.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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