La proposta educativa dell'oratorio tra dialogo e testimonianza.

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The oratory continues to be an educational environment for all young people, mostly aged between 6 and 18 and belonging to families who share the ideals of the Christian-Catholic religion. It is also a training-professional gym for those volunteers who intend to engage in educational tasks. The clever use of free time from schoolwork, in a climate of joy and brotherhood, characterizes the religious education offered to young people who attend the oratory. In some "peripheries", the oratory is the only space for youth gathering beyond the school. The pedagogical and doctrinal training of educators working in the oratories must be the first concern for parish priests and congregations directors who activate an oratory. It is desirable for parents to be more involved in the activities carried out in the oratories. Apart from the idea of taking the person and the teachings of Jesus as the ideal model of life, the principles and methods of an oratory are valid for any type of youth education leisure center.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteEducazione alla prossimità. L'oratorio come ambiente di crescita integrale.
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