La prevenzione della corruzione nel sistema amministrativo: impulsi del diritto europeo e tendenze evolutive della legislazione italiana

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In the last decades the International Community has shown an increasing attentionfor the phenomenon of corruption, both at the national and international level,because it is considered as an obstacle to the correct functioning of internationalmarkets and to the modernization of States. Major international organizations, suchas the U.N. or the OECD, have promoted the stipulation of multilateral conventionsor have adopted directives with which they have tried to promote the harmonizationof the State’s criminal law. Along with the strengthening of criminal punishment,international institutions, in particular at the European level, have also solicited theintroduction of tools of administrative prevention of corruption. The Italian legislationhas adapted to these international requirements elaborating a complex legal model of prevention of corruption, which also provides for the creation of the national anticorruption authority.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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