LA PRESENTAZIONE DEI SITI GALLO-ROMANI. Conservare, Proteggere e Musealizzare

Aldo Renato Daniele Accardi

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Today’s interventionist experience is deeply oriented towards an all cost valorization of archaeological heritage, which is sometimes perpetuated disregarding the real possibilities of execution, or without a sensible sustainability of the interventions. One cannot keep thinking to have to offer the public everything straight away, because, if the necessary resources or the community interest happens to lack, there is the risk of leaving the “resurfaced” ruins in the open air, thus having them suffer probable looting or relentless degrading factors. The risk is also not to take on all due account the different types of intervention required by every single archaeological reality, thereby flattening all the possible types of ruin treatments to uniformity, whereas they hold, even in their diversity, their own unique nature. If we take the Roman archaeology as an example, with all its national differentiations, each musealization intervention on it has been rendered in different ways, depending on the different archaeological realities upon which the intervention has taken effect, finding then specific variations according to the nation of reference.The text reports the results of an extensive scientific research dealing with the issue of the in situ archaeological communication, from a museological point of view, notably analyzing the museographic strategies in the French territory and pointing out in itinere a set of exemplary cases of mise en valeur of ancient contexts; trying at the same time to present a range of intervention methods to the professionals operating in the area of archaeological development and musealization.
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ISBN (stampa)978-88-89683-44-6
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012
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